Quality Assurance 

We conduct a thorough on-site and off-visit inspections, take sample to test quality before shipment
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Why we are different?

Crop Test Centers

A vast network of crop test centers  

We are building a connected community of rural growers for sustainable sourcing across communities aimed at establishing a connected rural community network to quality crop sourcing. 


Our network of Crop Test Centers carries out due diligence and crop quality assurance to minimize inconvenience and save buyers’ time and money.


We make sure that everything is checked and inspected before the commodity is delivered to the buyers’ from farm-to-fork based on exact quality specifications.

Serve as data collection and aggregation centers across communities and key local market routes., and offers a platform to track social and environmental footprints.

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Network Of Trustees 

A vast network of local field experts and trustees 

Throughout the entire supply chain sourcing process, we make sure that our buyers get the right commodity based on their exact quality specifications, and our sellers follow the crop quality specifications of buyers.

Our local experts conduct a thorough site visit and inspection and get sample beforehand to test the crop quality before shipment

  • Step 1: Validation of crop sellers

  • Step 2: Quality specification & quotations

  • Step 3: Holistic Quality Assurance