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Become A Field Partner

Join forces with us to transform agribusinesses in emerging markets.



Make money supporting growers in your communities.

Zowasel enables you to make money while support smallholder farmers in your community to grow and sell high quality certified crops.


With a simple storage facility, no bigger than your bedroom, and little working capital, you can aggregate crops from smallholder farmers and profit good margins shipping to Zowasel verified buyers.



Connect your growers with a network of buyers to earn more.

Zowasel enables you to become a distributor while playing a key role in supporting smallholder farmers in your cooperatives/associations to grow.


You manage the process based on quality demand and sell at competitive market prices to Zowasel verified buyers.



Expand your mandate to grow your impact across communities

Join our growing number of Technical Partners and Impact Organizations that support smallholder farmers with agricultural best practices, improved inputs, across local farming communities throughout the seasons.

Zowasel Technical Partners play a key role in the agricultural value chain through field support to local farming communities.



Join us in bringing Fintech To Agtech


We are working with financial institutions to transform commodity supply chains by providing lower interest rate costs to agribusinesses in emerging markets.


Partner with us to gain access to new market segments, and opportunity for new offerings for existing agribusiness customers.  

How It Works

Step 1:


Zowasel conducts desk reviews. Additional documents may be required for certain tiers.

Step 2:


If approved, Zowasel provides a contract, for your review and signup

Step 3:


Zowasel setup pieces of training, and provide onboarding support and tools where applicable.

Step 4:


 Start trading on the Zowasel platform

Step 5:

Go live

Benefits For Field Partners


Support  local growers with crop standardization and best practices across local communities


Make extra income by overseeing and coordinating local farmers in your community.


Expand your network to grow mandate and impact across farming communities


Opportunity to create jobs and reduce poverty in your local communities.


Capitalize on  our technology and platform, to enhance your brand reputation 

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