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source sustainably 

We're building a platform to help you source across the supply chain 

Connect & Transact with Vetted Sellers

Instantly secure bids and enter into contracts directly with the selected sellers from our network to source  effortlessly using technology

We offer a fully digital experience to trade with trusted sellers.


Create your purchase orders to receive bids into Marketplace in seconds, or input automatically from select third-party sources. 

Issues Purchase and Bids with confident

Contract crop sourcing to your exact specifications.

Quickly see and understand the bid and supply data important to your facility, alongside basis and futures prices.


We match buyers and sellers of the same commodity. Confidently issue purchase order based on your crop quality specifications to save time and money 

Receive Delivery At Your Facilities

Instantly accept an offer without needing to pick up the phone.

Spend less time on calculations, chasing suppliers, and get the grain moving to where it needs to go.


All offers automatically adjust for shipment costs between farm and facility locations. 

Make payment after receiving fulfillment in accordance with your agreed payment terms 

Get Started

Matchmaking and transaction security


First, you need to sign a fulfillment agreement to start sourcing.

Create Offers

Post-purchase orders of what crops you are looking for.

Accept Bid

Receive bids from our network at the click of a button.


Recieve delivery form our network of trusted and cvetted sellers


Make the payment according to agreed payment terms 

Buyers Frequently asked questions

What is Zowasel?

Zowasel is a sustainable crop sourcing platform across communities, people, and the planet. We offer Traceability and Sustainability solutions across the supply chain. Our Fulfillment solutions enables buyers to source effectively, economically, and conveniently in one place at a click of a few buttons to save time and money. Our marketplace platform connects thousands of crop sellers, with leading processors and buyers across the supply chain. We are enabling buyers and sellers of crops to join our Preferred Network to securely trade with a trusted counterparty

How will Zowasel change the way I source for grain?

We are creating digital solutions that remove the friction from finding suppliersa and offers, transacting on them efficiently, and unlocking more value for your agribusiness. We offer an end-to-end software experience for grain sourcng across the supply chain. We are digitizing workflows and providing access to data also speeds up decision making and allows procuremtn teams to focus on their customers and strategy. Whether it is assessing local market insights, discovering offers, or organizing digital documents, technology leads to higher performing teams and better customer experiences.

How much does it cost to use Marketplace?

For grain buyers, there is no cost to issue a purchase order in Marketplace and transact with a vetted seller. You only pay 1.5% of fulfillment fees after delivery. As we launch new services and features in the future, we will be introducing new offerings and pricing mondels

How does Zowasel Marketplace makes money?

We charge a fulfillment fee for our services. As we develop new technologies to create value for grain buyers, we will expand our offerings to include special suscription options.

How is Zowasel Marketplace different from other digital grain marketing platforms?

Zowasel is the only platform that gives grain buyers and farmers the ability to instantly transact online without having to make a phone call. Our Marketplace is also unique in that we offer Traceability and Sustainability solutions that provide a single digital experience for buyers to find grain sellers to set basis. As we work to build out the Marketplace, Traceability and Sustainability products vision, it will evolve to become a true end-to-end software platform for sourcing where buyers will have a single seamless digital experience from bid creation to settlement.

Are specialty crops available on Zowasel Marketplace?

Zowasel Marketplace can connect sellers and buyers looking to transact specialty crops. Please contact our Marketplace team for more information.

How do Marketplace contracts and settlement works?

We match buyers and sellers of the same commodity. You decide on pricing and terms together, Zowasel enforces smart contracts and ensures that all transactions are shipped and payments are made after delivery without any issues.

How do my purchase orders get posted into Marketplace?

Buyers have complete control over this capability. We will never make a bid instantly transactable without your consent. By default, any seller may create an offer against a posted bid inside of Marketplace which will be shared with grain buyers. Grain buyers may also enable their prchase orders and posted bids to be instantly transactable which means seller can immediately enter into a transaction at the posted price without needing to make any additional calls.