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source sustainably 

We're building a platform to help you source across the supply chain 

Connect & Transact with Vetted Sellers

Instantly secure bids and enter into contracts directly with the selected sellers from our network to source  effortlessly using technology

We offer a fully digital experience to trade with trusted sellers.


Create your purchase orders to receive bids into Marketplace in seconds, or input automatically from select third-party sources. 

Issues Purchase and Bids with confident

Contract crop sourcing to your exact specifications.

Quickly see and understand the bid and supply data important to your facility, alongside basis and futures prices.


We match buyers and sellers of the same commodity. Confidently issue purchase order based on your crop quality specifications to save time and money 

Receive Delivery At Your Facilities

Instantly accept an offer without needing to pick up the phone.

Spend less time on calculations, chasing suppliers, and get the grain moving to where it needs to go.


All offers automatically adjust for shipment costs between farm and facility locations. 

Make payment after receiving fulfillment in accordance with your agreed payment terms 

Get Started

Matchmaking and transaction security


First, you need to sign a fulfillment agreement to start sourcing.

Create Offers

Post-purchase orders of what crops you are looking for.

Accept Bid

Receive bids from our network at the click of a button.


Recieve delivery form our network of trusted and cvetted sellers


Make the payment according to agreed payment terms 

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